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We placed purchase order on 8th September 2020, which stated that Shandong Jianshou Steel Co., Ltd., will deliver us 5 products/items by the specific requirements within 10-15 days [18-22 September 2020] and we agreed to pay 15% initial deposit, 15% after the third party accept the finished product in Shandong Jianshou Steel Co., Ltd, and 70% after shipment.

However, they broke the agreement by postponing our finished products which were later agreed by them delivered us the first lot of products [which are item 1, 2, 4], and will send item 3 in the second lot. Moreover, they did not provide our third-party inspector for a chemical composition inspection which needed to be done as stated in the agreement.

Therefore, we decided to pay another 15% to ship our first lot of products to Thailand for a careful inspection. After the QC process of lot 1 that arrived on 1st December 2020, the result shows that the products are rusted both inner and outer surface and have been delivered without PE ends pipe and seaworthy packing, which does not meet our significant requirements on the agreement. What we can do is cleaning up the arrived products before shipping them to our customers, which we have to pay extra for that.

So we canceled the rest order and demand our 30% refund [7405 dollars] plus 10% of all purchase order costs for damage costs, but they still deny to refunding the compensation back.

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